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Feb 24, 2015

BCGEU members who work on the Canada Line have ratified a collective agreement with Protrans BC which operates the line. Members voted 63 per cent in favour of the agreement.

Feb 24, 2015

Nearly 40 employees at the Salvation Army Centre of Hope in Abbotsford have decided to join the B.C.

Feb 18, 2015

Exempting child support payments is a welcome social policy change announced in yesterday’s budget, but government’s decision to cut over fifty Ministry workers who administered this program is sho

Feb 17, 2015

Today’s provincial budget continues to underfund many government services and relies too heavily on regressive fees to create revenue rather than progressive taxes on profitable corporations and in


The Provincial

This issue contains two feature articles: 'Self-Regulation: Recipe for Disaster;' and a feature report on the BCGEU 'Choose children' campaign.