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All Local 501 LDB members

Did you know...

The Public Service Collective Agreement Provides for:

New employees union orientation with a shop steward.

New hires have a right to:

1.    Be informed by the Employer when hired that a collective agreement is in effect.
2.    Be provided a dues check off form to complete.
3.    Be informed by the Employer as to who your local shop steward is and their contact information.
4.    A 15-minute orientation period with a shop steward within the first 30 days of employment. This orientation will assist you in understanding the collective agreement and your workplace.

If you do not know who your shop steward is ask a co-worker or call the BCGEU office at 250 388 9948.

These provisions were negotiated on your behalf and assist you in being fully informed. They can be found in the Public Service Agreement at Article 5.

If you have questions regarding this provision please contact your local shop steward.

For all LDB employee there are two collective agreements, the Public Service agreement which governs all BCGEU members in Government Service and the Retail Stores and Warehouse Component agreement specifically for members working in the LDB operations.

All BCGEU collective agreements, including yours, can be found on the BCGEU Website (under the agreement and bargaining tab)

  • 17th Public Service Agreement, April 1 2014 – March 31 2019
  • 17th Component 5 Agreement – Retail Stores and Warehouse – April 1, 2014 – March 31, 2019

In solidarity

Robbie Clark
Chairperson, Local 501
On behalf of the Local 501 Executive    

Download PDF of notice here.