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September 28, 2023


September 28, 2023





An Administrative Assistant is required to perform administrative and word processing functions for staff representatives as required in the WCB Department.


Will include processing a variety of documents on a personal computer including reports, memoranda, forms, leaves of absence, meeting notices, legal documents and general correspondence; compiling books of authorities and exhibits under the direction of servicing staff; inputting all files into a grievance database and updating hearing/arbitration reports; compiling quarterly statistical WCB reports for PE meetings; handling Component administrative duties; processing invoices from outside professionals; maintaining filing systems and daily bring forward system; responding to telephone inquiries and walk-in visitors; arranging appointments; making travel and hotel arrangements; sorting and distributing mail; other related duties as required.


Applicants must have 2-4 years' administrative experience; high school graduation supplemented by administrative training; excellent keyboarding (40 - 50 wpm); excellent Microsoft Word and Excel skills; excellent communication, spelling and grammatical skills; an aptitude for organization and detail; good telephone manner; the ability to set priorities and work within time limits.

Hours of work are 32 per week, four days.

General aptitude tests will be administered to all applicants. Keyboarding tests will be administered to regular/temporary employees who are not presently working in or have not previously worked in an administrative position.

The BCGEU supports employment equity. Indigenous workers, workers of colour, women, LGBTQ2SI+ workers, and workers with disabilities are encouraged to apply for positions with the BCGEU.

Apply in writing with resume to Jennifer Ferguson, Human Resources Administrator, Headquarters, by 5:00 pm, October 5, 2023.

Resumes will be accepted by e-mail to: [email protected]


September 27, 2023



September 27, 2023


The B.C. General Employees’ Union requires a temporary staff representative (political action campaigner) for its’ Communications department, effective date to be determined.  The term of the assignment is up to 12 months or return of incumbent.  The position is located at its headquarters in Burnaby.

The position reports to the Director of Communications.


  • Campaigns strategy: develop and implement strategic political campaigns aligned with social unionism, progressive public policy, and the organizational priorities established by senior leadership
  • Political action campaigns: develop political action campaign plans and budgets on general issues related to voting and specific political issues of relevance to the union’s membership; execute campaigns using a combination of traditional approaches and digital strategy; participate in political action and engagement campaigns developed by union centrals (BC Fed, CLC, NUPGE); evaluate campaign effectiveness; recommend improvements to political engagement strategy
  • Reports, presentations, and submissions: prepare and present briefs, policy statements, reports, submissions and other campaigns-related communications or information on public policy issues
  • Training: develop curriculum and facilitate political action training sessions, workshops, courses, meetings, and other engagement events related to election campaigns and political issues
  • Digital communications and social media:work with digital campaigners to strategically use digital and visual communications and social media for targeted outreach to members and supporters
  • Committee assignments: support elected on BCGEU committees and represent the union on committees or in meetings with government, opposition and employer representatives
  • Liaison: work with BCGEU activists, community groups, coalition partners, unions and labour centrals on shared campaigns; liaise with federal, provincial, and local governments on key political issues
  • Other duties: primary role in this position is campaigns; however a political action campaigner may be assigned associated work, as required, to support departmental objectives


  • demonstrated skills and experience in both traditional and contemporary engagement processes, from grassroots organizing to digital campaigning, within the labour movement or community organizations
  • experience working on federal, provincial, or local government election campaigns, including coordinating phone banks, face-to-face outreach, voter registration, get-out-the vote and elections
  • knowledge of lobbying and third party advertising regulations, restrictions, and reporting requirements
  • excellent written communication skills, including formal reports, magazine writing and editing
  • excellent verbal communications, including experience designing and facilitating workshops or courses
  • proficiency with NationBuilder and other email platforms an asset
  • demonstrated ability to develop activists' skills and to maintain effective working relationships with union and community activists, coalition partners and political allies
  • an understanding of the goals and values of the labour movement

SALARY RANGE (Depending on successful applicant): 

Bi-Weekly: $2,637.79 - $5,119.16
Annually: $68,818.09 - $133,555.30

Travel is required, therefore, applicants must hold a valid B.C. Driver’s licence.

The BCGEU is committed to the health and safety of BCGEU staff and members visiting our offices.  All employees with the BCGEU are required to provide proof of vaccination from COVID-19, as a condition of employment. 

The BCGEU supports employment equity. Indigenous workers, workers of colour, women, 2SLGBTQI+ workers, and workers with disabilities are encouraged to apply for positions with the BCGEU.

Submit applications no later than 5:00 pm, Thursday, October 5, 2023.

Resumes will be accepted by e-mail to: [email protected]

Attention to: Stephanie Smith, President, c/o Lisa Trolland


September 27, 2023



September 27, 2023


The B.C. General Employees' Union requires a staff representative to work in the Kelowna Area Office, effective date to be determined.


  • Assist officers, stewards and membership in the day-to-day administration of their union by attending membership meetings; assisting in union elections, preparing and conducting ratification votes;
  • Advising union membership on union policy and procedures;
  • Negotiating collective agreements and contract administration through the handling of grievances up to and including expedited arbitration;
  • Teaching courses for stewards and local officers;
  • Assisting in or leading organizing campaigns, both internal and external;
  • Representing the union at local labour councils and conventions; and
  • Will be required to develop grassroots campaign plans to advance the interests of the union's membership as well as engage members and recruit activists.


  • Experience in the trade union movement is essential;
  • Ability to deal with union leadership and employer representatives;
  • Ability to prepare concise written reports and handle a large volume of correspondence and ability to speak in public;
  • Must have an understanding of the goals and values of the labour movement;
  • Must have a solid understanding of organizing principles. Proven experience in union organizing drives will be an asset; and
  • Demonstrated ability to develop activist skills and maintain an effective working relationship with union and community activists.


Bi-Weekly: $4,649.48 - $5,119.16
Annually: $121,301.68 - $133,555.30

Travel is required, therefore, applicants must hold a valid B.C. Driver's Licence.

The BCGEU is committed to the health and safety of BCGEU staff and members visiting our offices. All employees with the BCGEU are required to provide proof of vaccination from COVID-19, as a condition of employment.

The BCGEU supports employment equity. Indigenous workers, workers of colour, women, 2SLGBTQI+ workers, and workers with disabilities are encouraged to apply for positions with the BCGEU.

Submit applications no later than 5:00 pm, Wednesday, October 4, 2023.

Resumes will be accepted by e-mail to: [email protected], attention to:

Stephanie Smith, President, c/o Lisa Trolland


September 18, 2023

BCGEU Strongly Denounces Hate-Fueled Anti-Trans Attacks - BC General Employee...

Many of you will have heard about rallies planned across the country this week which look to further anti-trans hate speech.
The B.C General Employees' Union (BCGEU) vehemently condemns the upcoming wave of hate rallies slated to occur under the misleading banner of #1millionmarch4children on September 20.
These rallies represent an alarming assault on the 2SLGBTQI+ community. Our families, children, union members and the very fabric of an inclusive and equitable society are their targets – a unified labour movement is the strongest defense.
These events are just one facet of a broader, disturbing trend of attacks targeting transgender individuals and in particular trans youth. We don't want to give these hateful rallies more publicity than they are due, but we cannot stay silent. 
With the rallies days away, BCGEU resolutely calls upon political leaders to denounce these hate rallies. Public declarations of support for trans youth will serve as a powerful counterforce against the destructive and unfounded narratives peddled by these rallies and a necessary shield for children and trans community members.
Many people are planning to counter-protest these events and our union members are encouraged to demonstrate strength in numbers by attending alongside individuals they know. It's up to all of us to stand shoulder to shoulder in unwavering solidarity and to vehemently oppose acts of hatred and discrimination.
The BCGEU stands in solidarity with trans workers and communities to ensure we safeguard the fundamental right to live in an environment where they feel safe, secure, dignified and protected!
If you need support, you can find resources available to you at:
In solidarity,
Stephanie Smith
BCGEU President


September 13, 2023

New report demonstrates vacancy control is a common-sense policy urgently nee...

September 13, 2023

New report demonstrates vacancy control is a common-sense policy urgently needed to address housing crisis 

BURNABY, B.C. (Coast Salish Territories) 
The B.C. General Employees' Union (BCGEU) today released Evaluating Prospects for Vacancy Control Policy in B.C.'s Housing Affordability Crisis, a comprehensive assessment of vacancy control policy (where rent control is tied to the unit rather than a tenancy agreement). The report finds no evidence that tying rent to the unit has had significant negative impacts on developing new rental housing supply. Instead, a lack of vacancy control represents a loophole in B.C.'s rent control laws that has allowed rents to rise between 10-23 per cent year after year since 2019 in major metro areas. 

The union is calling on the provincial government to amend the Residential Tenancy Act and implement vacancy control as part of the solution to the housing crisis. 

"Rising rents have been a key driver of housing inflation for over a decade, and this has become increasingly untenable for the one in three British Columbia residents who are renters," said BCGEU president Stephanie Smith. "While the provincial government has taken important steps to help limit runaway rent increases during a tenancy, they have stopped short of regulating rents between tenancies. We cannot leave vacancy control off the table any longer." 

The report tackles key myths about vacancy control, and rent control more generally, and outlines case studies of vacancy control policies in B.C., Ontario, Manitoba and P.E.I. from the 1970s onward. It also proposes seven recommendations – including the implementation of vacancy control as an "evidence-based social policy" rather than one that is determined based on purely economic grounds. 

The union is also joined today by organizations from across the province gathering on the B.C. Legislature lawn to rally in support of vacancy control and other policy solutions needed to address the housing crisis. In attendance at the rally are groups representing organized labour, tenants, faith and anti-poverty organizations: 

"Too many working people can't afford to live and raise their families in the communities they work in - and the spiraling cost of rent is a huge factor. Vacancy control not only helps to stop that upward spiral, but it removes one of the strongest incentives for landlords to pressure tenants to move out. For working families, that means lower costs and more stable homes." - Hermender Singh Kailley, Secretary-Treasurer, BC Federation of Labour 

"The BC Poverty Reduction Coalition represents over 80 member organizations across B.C. that advocate for public policy solutions to end poverty, homelessness and inequality. Vacancy control is a crucial tenet of building a durable foundation for affordable housing throughout B.C., and is a part of our Blueprint for Justice policy platform. B.C. needs vacancy control now – tackling the housing crisis requires strong measures, and we need to see government action to make affordable housing a human right again." - Rowan Burdge, BC Poverty Reduction Coalition Provincial Director 

"MVA is a coalition of labour, faith, community and nonprofit groups in the Lower Mainland representing over 100,000 people that come together to work on shared goals that make Metro Vancouver a more just place to live. We believe that housing and homes are basic human rights, and that vacancy control will aid in turning this right into a reality for those of us living in one of the most expensive and beautiful places in the world." - Metro Vancouver Alliance 

"Our current rent control laws reward bad landlords who continuously kick their tenants out just so they can jack up the rent. Every week, the Community Legal Assistance Society receives calls for help from tenants facing eviction based on false or flimsy pretenses by landlords trying to get around the rent control limits. This harsh reality will continue until the government limits the rent increases that landlords can impose, not just during a tenancy, but also when new tenants are brought in." - Danielle Sabelli, Community Legal Assistance Society

"Since 2018 our union has been telling this government that real rent control (vacancy control) is the only way to remove the financial incentive to evict tenants, and for over five years this government has refused to act. Metro Vancouver is the eviction capital of Canada, and tenants are organizing with their neighbours to keep themselves and their homes safe. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees that working people can get together and demand a better deal from their landlords, and through this freedom of association, tenants can collectively bargain to demand vacancy control in their buildings. While we continue to demand this government take action, it's important for us to fight for the right of tenants to collectively bargain in the face of increasing crackdown on tenant organizing by the landlord class."- Mazdak Gharibnavaz, Vancouver Tenants Union. 

"The Tenant Resource and Advisory Centre firmly believes that implementing vacancy control is necessary to protect renters in B.C. at a time of unprecedented crisis. Thousands of tenants contact us every year with requests for legal assistance when their landlords threaten to evict them for "landlord use" or no-fault evictions unless they agree to a higher rent increase than allowed by law. We hear so many stories about the insecurity people feel in their housing – all driven by the profit motive that fuels our eviction epidemic. Tenants' security of tenure in their homes and their fundamental human right to housing must take precedent over investor returns on real estate. Vacancy control will remove the incentive to evict people and protect tenants' right to housing as an important part of addressing the affordability crisis." - Tenant Resource and Advisory Centre 

"I represent GVAT (Greater Victoria Acting Together), a coalition of caring Victoria organizations representing faith groups, unions, service providers, environmental and other non-governmental organizations. As part of our ongoing work on affordable housing, we lobby for provincial policies that meet the critical needs of tenants. Too many families and individuals are being evicted to avoid the type of rent control that dies when they move out. We cannot solve homelessness until we can keep our community safely housed. That is why we support real rent control - vacancy control." - Lynn Beak, Greater Victoria Acting Together 

The report was commissioned by the BCGEU as part of its Affordable BC campaign which proposes bold policy solutions to address the housing crisis for working class people. A copy of Evaluating Prospects for Vacancy Control Policy in B.C.'s Housing Affordability Crisis can be found here:

Since 2017, the BCGEU has worked with experts to research and develop extensive housing policy solutions that can be implemented immediately by the province, and all levels of government to address the housing crisis. Visit to learn more. 

The BCGEU is one of the largest unions in British Columbia, with over 85,000 members in almost every community and economic sector in the province. 

For more information contact [email protected].


August 24, 2023

Emergency relief fund available for BCGEU members - BC General Employees' Uni...

These are unprecedented, difficult times. After weeks of the worst wildfire season yet, officials have declared a state of emergency and put in place evacuation orders for thousands of people in the Kelowna, West Kelowna and Shuswap areas.

We have many members living in the Okanagan area and other impacted regions of B.C. Our thoughts are with you and your families at this time.

As one of B.C.'s largest unions, and as the union representing many of the emergency crews serving our communities, we are here to support our members and affected communities across the province.

That's why we want to make sure all BCGEU members affected by this crisis are aware of the emergency relief fund that can help you out during moments like these.
If you have lost your home as a result of the wildfires, you may be eligible to apply for emergency financial assistance.

If you believe you are eligible for these funds, please contact the Kelowna area office (250) 763-6405 / 1-800-667-1132  or the Kamloops area office (250) 372-8223 / 1-800-667-0054 to speak to a staff representative and receive the application form.

Note: A completed FA-111 application form must be submitted within three months of the fire, flood or other natural disaster to receive payment, which will be made directly by your component. Applicants must be full or life BCGEU members as noted in constitution and bylaws articles 4.1 and 4.4.

Learn more about how to find the full list of wildfires, highway closures and evacuation orders and alerts.

Throughout this crisis, we will be doing our best to support you and your communities. Please feel free to get in touch with us should you have any issues with your employer during this time.

In solidarity,

Paul Finch, BCGEU Treasurer


August 14, 2023

Letter to MGEU Workers - BC General Employees' Union (BCGEU)

Dear MGEU liquor workers,

On behalf of the B.C. General Employees' Union, I write to you to share an expression of solidarity as you stand on the line fighting for a new agreement with wages that reflect the rising cost of living.

I know that you, and workers across the country, have seen your wages significantly eroded by inflation and that the government offer of a two per cent increase for each year of the agreement means you would be falling further and further behind. You certainly deserve a raise at least in line with the raise Manitoba's own premier and her MLAs are receiving.

BCGEU members in the liquor and cannabis sector proved just last year that strike action can work, after two weeks of job action forced the employer back to the table and helped get a deal members could ratify.

Overwhelming support and solidarity from across the country helped keep morale high on our picket lines -- we want to send that solidarity back to you and help encourage you to stand strong and fight for a better deal.

Solidarity is always the basis of positive social change. When workers stand together and use their collective power they improve their working conditions and help create a more just and equal world.

When we stand together, we win!

In solidarity,

Stephanie Smith,
BCGEU President



July 25, 2023

BCGEU condemns City of Vancouver’s decision to allow Yaletown OPS to close - ...

July 25, 2023

BCGEU condemns City of Vancouver's decision to allow Yaletown OPS to close 

(Coast Salish Territories) – The City of Vancouver's decision last week to allow the lease at Thomus Donaghy Overdose Prevention Site (OPS) in Yaletown to expire in March 2024 will put lives at risk at a time when harm reduction services are needed more than ever. 

"We are in the midst of a drug-poisoning crisis. Shutting down one of the most-used overdose prevention sites in the city with no plans for an alternative is unacceptable to our members who work at this facility and the clients they serve," said Paul Finch, BCGEU treasurer. 

The BCGEU is calling on Mayor Ken Sim and the ABC majority to intervene and renew the lease until an alternative space in the downtown area is secured. 

In addition to overdose prevention visits averaging 100 per day, the Yaletown site also distributes food donations and water during heat waves. The loss of this site or an alternative would represent a significant gap in multiple supports that vulnerable people in the area depend on. 

"We urge the City of Vancouver to extend the lease in order to save lives while an alternative space, one that addresses the needs of the community accessing services as well as residents in the surrounding area, is found," said Finch. 

Hundreds of BCGEU members at Raincity Housing and Support Society and Lookout Housing and Health Society work at overdose prevention sites, including at Thomus Donaghy OPS. 


Media contact: [email protected].


July 19, 2023

The Tranquille Occupation: 40 year anniversary - BC General Employees' Union...

Statement from BCGEU President Stephanie Smith


Forty years after the dramatic worker occupation of the Tranquille Institution, its impact is still as meaningful and significant as it was then. It's a story of courage and a story of collective action. 

Worker power cannot be understated: the historic 22-day occupation of Tranquille is a major piece of labour history that was made by working-class, everyday people in this province. It remains to be one of our country's most inspiring examples of workers using collective action to protect both workers' rights and the rights of those they cared for. It took tremendous courage, and as a result they successfully stood up to their employer to make collective demands to advocate for quality community care for the people they supported, for their community, and for themselves.

It's important to remember our movement's history and our roots. Honouring and acknowledging the Tranquille occupation helps us continue to build on what we've learned from past battles. Actions like this remind us of the need to connect the struggles of our members to broader struggles for social justice around disability rights, pushing back against the gutting of the public service, and expanding it to include the community health some of our most vulnerable citizens rely on.

Despite meaningful progress made in our movement in the last four decades, there is always still work to be done. The courage and solidarity of the members who occupied Tranquille is a reminder of our power when we stand together. They did what they knew was the right thing, even when it seemed like all odds were against them. They refused to give up. Let's take inspiration from their actions and bring the same determination to the fights we face today.