Component 6 primarily includes members work for the Government of B.C. in a variety of social, cultural, educational, information technology, research, health care delivery and associated direct technical support functions. Component 6 also includes members who perform services in these fields at employers contracted by the government.


August 21, 2017

Election of Bargaining Committee Reminder - ISM Canada - BCGEU

To all BCGEU members at ISM Canada: You should have received a package in the mail recently to elect four bargaining committee members. If you didn't receive a package please contact the BCGEU Victoria Area Office. Ballots are due back at the BCGEU Victoria Area Office by 5:00pm, September 8, 2017.   In solidarity   Darlene Thorburn   Staff Representative Download as pdf

August 17, 2017

Local 604 Executive Chairperson election results - BCGEU

Please be advised that Harbinder Gill has been elected to the position of Chairperson to represent members in Local 604. Members may appeal the election results to their component vice president within 10 days of the date results are published. If the election under appeal is in the Component vice president's local, the appeal should be made to the president who may designate an investigator. W...

August 03, 2017

Local 601 Member at Large Election Results - BCGEU

The results of the election for Local 601 member at large and Local 601 member at large (Youth) are:   · Member at Large - Veronica Barlee · Member at Large Youth - Desiree Cabecinha   Congratulations to Veronica and Desiree and thank you to all the candidates who stood for election.         Darlene ThorburnStaff Representative Download as pdf       Local 467/MoveUP

July 27, 2017

Welfare increase long overdue - BCGEU

The NDP government wasted no time in putting our money where its mouth is. Before John Horgan's first week in office was over, his government fulfilled a promise to raise welfare rates. For 10 years, as the price of everything climbed, the former B.C. Liberal government kept its fist wrapped tightly around the money bag. Income assistance was frozen at $610 per month, while disability rates hav...

July 27, 2017

NDP follow through with promise, raise B.C. welfare, disability rates - BCGEU

VICTORIA- Premier John Horgan announced Thursday his government would follow through on a campaign promise to raise welfare and disability rates by $100 a month. Horgan said the increases will take effect with the Sept. 20 assistance payments. Read more...    

July 27, 2017

Chen ‘excited’ to be handed child-care portfolio - BCGEU

Katrina Chen knows first- hand the challenges of finding affordable child care. She and her husband have tried to find day care for their three-year-old son, but have been unsuccessful. They quickly learned it would cost between $1,200 and $1,500 a month – money that was simply not in their budget.   Read more...

July 19, 2017

Vote for Delegate to CLBC-BCGEU Collaboration Group (mid-term vacancy) - BCGEU

When the elections for delegates to the CLBC-BCGEU Collaboration Group were originally held in 2015, a delegate was elected from three broad employee occupational groups – Administration, QS and CPD. We have a mid-term vacancy created by the departure of Bryan Oulton. We want to thank Bryan for his dedicated commitment to this group and wish him well on his future endeavours. We are seeking nom...

July 14, 2017

Public Service Classification Appeal Information for FLNRO BCGEU Members - B...

To all members in FLNRO affected by the Classification Review Project   We have prepared detailed information for members who would like additional information about FLNRO classification appeals. This includes information for those with existing appeals, how to file a new appeal, current FLNRO appeal process issues, and general job evaluation issues.  We will continue to provide updated informa...

July 10, 2017

Re: FLNRO Classification Review Project - BCGEU

To all members whose positions have been reviewed through the FLNRO Classification Review Project (CRP) As you know from the Deputy Minister's recent announcement, the CRP undertaken by the BC Public Service Agency (PSA) has concluded. While the ministry has completed the review process, we have worked to ensure this process was completed this year. We did this with the creation of a sub commi...