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Year 3 General Wage Increase - BC General Employees' Union (BCGEU)

As you may be aware, April 1st 2024 marks the third and final year of the 19th Main Agreement – your collective agreement.
A key feature of your collective agreement is wage protections based on the average change in B.C. Consumer Price Index (B.C. CPI) over the 12 months prior to the scheduled pay increases. As per the agreement, the general wage increase (GWI) for year three of the agreement is as follows:
Year 3 - Effective April 1, 2024 increase rates of pay by the annualized average of BC CPI over 12 months starting on March 1, 2023 to a minimum of 2% and a maximum of 3%.
(Read highlights of your agreement here)
The CPI figure used for the final calculation in the public sector agreement wage increase will be officially released today, but based on last month's numbers we can safely say it will be high enough to trigger the maximum increase of 3% under your collective agreement.
Your wage increase will take effect on the first pay period after April 1. For the LDB, it will take effect on April 14 (the pay period of April 14 -27) and you can likely expect to see this on your May 3 paycheque. For the rest of the public service, this will take effect on April 7 (the pay period of April 7- 20) and you can likely expect to see this on your April 26 paycheque