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All BCGEU Members at Acciona Infrastructure Maintenance Inc. AIM Roads) - Grievance Settlement - BCGEU

As you are aware, in recent months AIM Roads Inc. made changes to their management group. With those changes, they engaged us as a union in discussions on ways to improve the labour relations environment with AIM.

While establishing and maintaining good labour relations is always an ongoing process that requires commitment of such from both sides, the parties sought to resolve a number of contentious grievances without the need for arbitration.

Prior to this discussion, your union had scheduled a number of grievances for arbitration. We had commenced the arbitration process with several days of hearing for some of the grievances and we were actively preparing for arbitration on several others. This included grievances on the number of regular complement employees (that the employer was arguing should be significantly reduced and had, in fact, already reduced by attrition).

As a result of our discussions to resolve these matters, we were able to reach a settlement of various grievances, including the regular complement grievances. This settlement was signed by the parties in August and included an increase in the Service Area 8 regular complement to 63 regular employees (previously it was 61). This is an important and significant part of the settlement that will ensure more regular positions in Service Area 8 and more opportunities in the future for auxiliary employees to reach regular status.

Part of the settlement included a time period for the employer to fulfill the commitment on a minimum of 63 regular employees (they were at 58 at the time in August). As of the date of this bulletin, the employer has increased the regular complement to 62 and has an active posting for a mechanical position that is vacant due to a recent retirement. The filling of this position will bring the number of regular complement employees to 63. The employer also advises us that they have posted two additional mechanical positions that will bring the regular complement to 65.

Other important matters (grievances) were also settled as part of the settlement agreement. This includes: agreed-to job descriptions (that have been outstanding for many years); a process, through the labour/management committee where new jobs or classifications introduced by the employer, are reviewed and includes a dispute resolution process if there is a disagreement; a clear understanding and agreement that, except for the communication centre, bargaining unit employees in Service Area 8 and 13 only perform bargaining unit work within their respective service area (no crossover), and; a process through the labour/management committee to discuss the employer's policies and reporting obligations to the ministry.

Subsequent to the settlement agreement that resolved these matters and raised the regular complement number in Service Area 8, we received the award from Arbitrator Chris Sullivan on the structure of the Occupational Health & Safety Committees in Service Area 8 (Mike Turley grievance). The employer, under the previous manager, unilaterally imposed a committee structure that is different than what is required under the collective agreement. We took the matter to a hearing and Arbitrator Sullivan issued his award on September 11th that sides with the union. The award says, in part:

"The grievance shall therefore succeed. The Union is entitled to a declaration that the Employer has violated the Collective Agreement by not allowing the appropriateemployee composition at OH&S meetings; and it is also entitled to an Order that the Employer comply with the Collective Agreement requirements."

As you can see from the above, we have made significant progress in addressing issues with your employer that have come forward in grievances. The settlement of the grievances in August is a sign of improved labour relations with your employer and we hope that it will continue to improve and that we will be able to deal with matters in a proactive way. To that end, we encourage all members to engage with our side of the labour/management committee to ensure they are aware of issues that should be on the agenda for the labour management committee meetings.

The members on your labour/management committee are:

Service Area 8            Service Area 13
Cam Abel                   Joanne Keigan
Jon Hopkins
Roger Vollmin
Harvey Truax, Alt.

There will be a call for nominations in the near future to fill the vacancies on the Joint Labour Management Committee for SA8. Please watch for the notice and consider running for one of the positions.

If you have any matters of an Occupational Health and Safety nature, please ensure to bring those forward to your representatives on the OHS committee. Your OHS committee members are:

Service Area 8           Service Area 13
Cam Abel                  Gordon Grant
Randy Carson            Roger Vollmin
Patrick Kerr               Thomas Giszas
Adrian Latremouille    Steve Klashinsky
Eli Roy
William Tasker
Michael Webster
Brent Wright

If you have a matter best addressed by a grievance, please contact your steward.

Together we can continue to make your worksite where you, your rights under the collective agreement and applicable legislation, are respected.


In solidarity

Rory Smith
Vice President

Erik Hoibak
Staff Representative – Advocacy       

Frank N. Anderson    
Regional Coordinator

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