Bargaining Begins for PRT Growing Services - BCGEU

Bargaining commenced with the Employer on January 16th thru 18th in Kelowna, with a full exchange of all the Union's non-monetary proposals. We have a number of significant issues that are equally important as the monetary issues and we wanted a full discussion and to try to resolve those issues first.

Bargaining will reconvene on February 6th, at which time we are hopeful we can resolve some of the outstanding language issues, such as harassment & bullying and employment status. The Union will then table our monetary demands.

In the meantime, over the next couple of weeks, we will be scheduling membership meetings in every area. Your Bargaining Committee representative will be available to answer any questions you might have and provide the answers in greater detail.

Stay tuned for the date & time of the meeting close to you.

To help ensure you receive a copy of bargaining updates please provide a personal email address to the BCGEU at If we already have an email address on file for you and you wish to edit or update any of your existing contact information, you can use the same form.

In solidarity,
Jan Brewer, Bargaining Committee Chair
Nora Wallach, Bargaining Committee member
Darrell Strom, Bargaining Committee member
Marcel Ouellet, Bargaining Committee member
Linsay Buss, Staff Representative, Negotiations

Download PDF of notice here.