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Bargaining Committee Election for Themis Program Management & Consulting Ltd. - BCGEU

At the close of nominations, the following position had one nominee who is declared elected by acclamation:

Victoria Office Representative (Local 701):

- Steve Kitcher

As there are two nominees for each of the following positions, voting is required. Links to candidate information sheets are provided for candidates who submitted them. (Note that the order of candidate names has been randomized for this bulletin, and names will appear on ballots in the same random.)

Candidates for Burnaby Office Representative (Local 703):

- Brenda McIntyre 

- Jenny Bardsley 

Candidates for Kamloops Office Representative (Local 705):

- Judy Helset

- Debra Calder

Members may vote only for a candidate who is seeking to represent their office, e.g. only members in Kamloops may vote for the Kamloops representative, etc.

Important Information Affecting Your Rights – Please Read!

A voting package will be mailed to each member for whom the BCGEU has a home mailing address. A member who does not receive a voting package may contact the local Area Office for one to be issued.

Ballots will be cast using a two-envelope privacy and declaration system. For a ballot to be counted, (a) it must be sealed inside a privacy envelope; and (b) that privacy envelope must then be sealed inside a declaration envelope on which the member must provide at least their full name and signature, and should provide their complete contact information. A ballot that is returned without a privacy envelope or in a declaration envelope that does not include at least full name and signature will be invalid and will not be counted.

Marked ballots must be returned to the BCGEU Negotiations Department by Wednesday, July 31, 2019 at 5:00pm.

In solidarity,


Ryan Stewart

Staff Representative, Negotiations


Download PDF of notice here.