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Bargaining Update & Meeting Notice - BCFMA - BCGEU

Your bargaining committee and your Employer have now finalized agreement on all non-monetary proposals. Your Employer has also clarified to your bargaining committee what it is prepared to do in terms of monetary. As promised, our next step is to bring all of this information back to you so you may provide further direction to your committee. All members are encouraged to attend this important meeting. Your Employer has agreed to release members to attend without loss of pay.

Your committee has received feedback from members in recent weeks that has ranged from questioning why we have not initiated a full strike, to wondering if our assessment of the situation has changed because of the pandemic's impact on government finances. We would like to share our thoughts on these and other questions you may have, and most importantly, seek your collective input on next steps.



Date: Friday, June 19, 2020

Time: 3:00pm to 5:00pm

How: Microsoft Teams Meeting

Check your email or ask a member of your bargaining committee for details


If you are new to using Microsoft Teams meetings, we encourage you to learn more about Teams well in advance. If you access the meeting online, you will have the option of seeing whoever is speaking (if they have a webcam enabled) and likewise the option of being seen. Online access also includes an audio-only option. If your computer is not equipped with a webcam, speakers and microphone or if you have difficultly joining the meeting online, the phone-in option may be best.

To help make efficient use of our time on Friday, we ask members who currently have questions of the committee to email them in advance. We will then prepare to speak to many of those questions so we can maximize opportunities for new questions and discussion at the meeting. You may email questions directly to Staff Representative Ryan Stewart at [email protected] or to any member(s) of your bargaining committee. Where possible, please submit questions by Wednesday, June 17 at 5pm, though we will do our best to comment on questions received after that time.

We look forward to speaking with you soon.

In solidarity,

Steve Kitcher, Bargaining Committee Chair

Debra Calder, Bargaining Committee Member

Brenda McIntyre, Bargaining Committee Member

Ryan Stewart, Staff Representative, Negotiations

Download PDF of notice here.