BC Pavilion Corporation (BC Place) tentative agreement ratified

The tentative agreement between the BCGEU and BC Pavilion Corporation (BC Place) was ratified by a margin of 66% with a record number of votes cast.

Your bargaining committee thanks all those who took the time to come out and have your say on the tentative settlement. Work has already begun on the draft collective agreement and we expect to have a proofing copy to the employer in the next week or two. We'll make sure to notify you when it's in the employer's hands. 

An issue was identified during the ratification about how no-shows will be handled as the new language changes those provisions. We'll sort that out with the employer and advise you about how it's going to work for the remainder of the current season.

Again, our thanks for your support and patience during the extended bargaining process and for taking the time to cast your ballot.

Your Bargaining Committee

Dave MacDonald, Bargaining Committee Chairperson

Barry Cameron, Bargaining Committee Member

Nadine Gagnon, Bargaining Committee Member

Kevin Singh, Bargaining Committee Member

Dan Cahill, BCGEU Director

Brent Camilleri, BCGEU Staff Representative

Download PDF of notice here.