BC Corps of Commissionaires (West Coast Express) Steward Nomination - BCGEU

Hello Station Attendants! We are redoing your steward election because I was told there were members that wanted to be nominated and considered for the roles of steward and alternate steward that did not put their names forward. Here is your chance.

We are looking for 2 shop stewards (1 shop steward and 1 alternate shop steward) at BC Corps of Commissionaires (West Coast Express). As this is an interim election, the successful candidates will serve for the remainder of the current term. Please consider nominating yourself or another member to be a shop steward. I look forward to receiving your nominations and working with you to resolve issues and concerns in your workplace.

The deadline for nominations is November 1, 2019 by email at jennifer.arnold@bcgeu.ca or in person at any BCGEU office (attention: Jennifer Arnold, LMAO)

What do stewards do?
Stewards provide support and advice to members who think they are being treated unfairly. They make sure new employees sign union membership cards and provide information on BCGEU services. Stewards conduct ratification votes and elections and keep members informed by distributing BCGEU communication.

What skills do I need to be a steward?  Stewards are well-organized, good listeners, problem solvers and team players. They have good communication skills and want to help others.

Is there training for new stewards?  Yes! Stewards are eligible for paid union leave from work to take steward training every year at their area office. The BCGEU also offers workshops on human rights, facing management, and accommodating disabilities at the workplace.

How do I become a steward? Steward elections are informal. A union member from your workplace must nominate you using the Steward Nomination Form.

Who conducts elections? Usually the current steward will conduct the vote, but in the case where there is no current steward, the Staff Rep in the Area Office will conduct the vote. Only union members can vote so make sure you have signed a card. Membership cards are available at the BCGEU area office and from your staff rep.

Please let me know if you have any questions about your workplace, your current collective agreement, or how to get your nomination in for consideration. We can only make a difference together when we work as a team. If we have more nominations than steward positions, I will facilitate a vote in person after the morning shift at a mutually convenient WCE station.

In solidarity,

Jennifer Arnold
Staff Representative

Download PDF of notice here

Download PDF of nomination form here