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BC NDP MLAs (Constituency Assistants) - Constituency Assistants On Strike – Day # 8 - BCGEU

Job action continues with constituency offices now operating strictly by Work-to-Rule. Many of you have questions about work expectations from the employer, especially with the recent announcement concerning the federal election. A number of us have left our CA jobs, on leaves of absence, to assist with federal campaigns.

Please note – you are NOT required to pick up extra duties if your office is running short-staffed. You should only be expected to work within your own job duties, at a reasonable pace. No overtime.

Clause 31.6 (Impact of Elections on Bargaining) does not apply during job action. This is one of the reasons why we served 72-hour strike notice so quickly after the failed ratification vote. The employer can call us back to the table anytime, even during the federal election. Your Bargaining Committee is totally ready to receive an offer from the employer at any time, federal election or not!

Please see the attached Questions & Answers for further information about the job action. We are updating this document with the questions you are asking. Attached to this bulletin is the recent update. Please contact your steward or a member of the Bargaining Committee with any questions you may have. We will add your question to the list, so everyone can learn from the answer. 

Your Bargaining Committee is sorry to announce the resignation of Deanna Fasciani. We are grateful for all her input at the bargaining table and wish her the best in future endeavors!

In solidarity,

Andrea McDonald, Bargaining Committee Chairperson 
Preet Sangha, Bargaining Committee member
Linsay Buss, Staff Representative – Negotiations

Download PDF of notice here