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BC NDP MLAs (Constituency Assistants) - Pre-Bargaining Update - BC General Employees' Union (BCGEU)

Hi everyone,

Our bargaining committee met in Vancouver earlier this month to review surveys, identify bargaining priorities, and begin the process of developing proposals. Deep appreciation to everyone who completed the survey or reached out to send us your thoughts.

This process is ongoing, and we will meet again on September 11th/12th as a caucus to further review any additional information you have provided to finalize our non-monetary proposals.

We are scheduled to meet with the employer to discuss bargaining protocols on the afternoon of September 11th. This is an important first step in the process of bargaining successfully. Actual bargaining proposals will be exchanged when we meet on November 15th/16th in Victoria to begin negotiations. Depending on how negotiations progress, additional bargaining dates will likely be required into the new year.

We ask for your patience throughout this process and look forward to negotiating a fair collective agreement.

In solidarity,

Your bargaining committee:

Karen Cooling, Bargaining Committee Chair
Kyle Kattler, Bargaining Committee Member
Tyler Petersen, Bargaining Committee Member
Gary Bennett, Senior Staff Representative - Negotiations

Download PDF of notice here