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BC Pavilion Corporation - News on Bargaining - BCGEU

Members at BC Place Stadium:

The bargaining committee met with the Employer on March 9, 10, 23 & 25. All the non-monetary proposal have been tabled and we have come to agreement on a large number of these proposals. The parties continued to work on all other outstanding non-monetary proposal and we have scheduled more dates in April and May where we anticipate tabling monetary proposals.

During our discussion on scheduling for event time employees, it was clear to the parties that we have to make changes. The current scheduling process needs to be changed so that scheduling is more flexible and simplified for the employee. In order for us to know what we should change, we need to hear from the event time employees. We are canvassing for event time employees from Event Housekeeping, Event Hosting, Event First Aid and Event Security to come and meet with the bargaining committees and take part in a focus group on scheduling. This focus group will work with the bargaining committee to develop a draft scheduling process for event time employees. We understand and recognize how important scheduling is for the event time employees, therefore you have our assurances that we will be polling you before we finalize any changes to scheduling. If you want to be included in the focus group, you should contact the BCGEU Negotiator at [email protected] by March 30th, 2021.

Bargaining with the Employer will resume April 7, 2021, please watch for updates on bargaining and we thank you for your support!

In solidarity,

Dave MacDonald, Bargaining Committee Chair, Journeyperson Classification Group
Tricia Dong, Hosts and First Aid Classification Group
Nigel Keenan, Technicians and Housekeeping Classification Group
Gordon Sonier, Building Security and Event Security Classification Group
Kim Howse, Staff Representative – BCGEU Negotiator

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