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BCGEU and NTT Data Joint Application for Successorship Certification to the Labour Relations Board (LRB) - BCGEU

  1. The BCGEU and NTT Data jointly applied to the LRB for a successorship certification.
  2. Part of that process results in ISM posting the application at the worksite for a defined period.
  3. The BCGEU is also posting it on our website and sending it to members who we have home email addresses for.
  4. All of the parties (ISM, BCGEU and NTT Data) then have an opportunity to make submissions to the LRB in response to the application.
  5. In this case, all parties will be submitting they support the application.
  6. BCGEU has already made this positive submission.
  7. Once this process is completed and the certification between BCGEU and NTT Data is in place, the BCGEU will send a formal notice to BCGEU members working at ISM.


In solidarity,


Lori Strom
BCGEU Staff Representative


Download PDF of notice here

Download PDF of Labour Relations Board notice here