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BCGEU’s Occupational Health and Safety Networkers

The creation of the OHS Networking team comes from the BCGEU 2014 convention. Convention delegates were loud and clear with their OHS resolutions: they wanted an expansion in the OHS department. They wanted BCGEU OHS activists to play a larger role, and to see the creation of an OHS Task Force. The OHS Task Force, released their report in April of 2015, with strong and practical recommendations. The top three recommendations included changes to communications, committee appointments, and OHS education.

Sixteen trained OHS facilitators from across the province were appointed by the president. On January 20, they met at BCGEU headquarters to discuss their role, time frames, challenges and how best to approach the work in each area of the province.

This year our OHS networkers will be:

  1. Auditing OHS committees and assisting with the growth of these committees
  2. Working with locals on the OHS appointments 
  3. Scheduling OHS courses in consultation with the OHS department and contacting members to increase participation
  4. Using data analysis and networking to Identify non-compliant employers and  ensure there are OHS committees  or worker representatives in place 
  5. Acting as a resource to OHS committees, components, locals and area offices

If you require the assistance of an OHS network member in your area, please contact your area office or the BCGEU Occupational Health and Safety Department for more information. The OHS department can be contacted at [email protected]  or by phone at 604-291-9611 or 1-800-663-1674.