By-elections for Local 505 Executive - BCGEU

Nominations have closed for the Local 505 Executive. The following was acclaimed 1st Vice Chairperson:


Jacob Berthelot

Your local executive is:

  • Local Chairperson: David Herman
  • 1st Vice Chair: Jacob Berthelot
  • 2nd Vice Chair: Thomas Mikalishen
  • Treasurer: Teresa Messaros
  • Recording Secretary: Marilee Planden
  • Member-at-Large (2): Vina Stark and 1 Vacant
  • Member-at-Large – Young Worker: Josh Bartlett

Congratulations to the new Local Executive member. 

The Union would like to thank everyone for their participation and interest in the Local Elections. Your activism is greatly appreciated.

In solidarity
BCGEU Kamloops Area Office

Download PDF of notice here.