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Community Living BC Bargaining Update #3 - BCGEU

Progress made after 5 days of bargaining during August

The CLBC and BCGEU bargaining committees have met for a total of five days during August in bargaining sessions to negotiate a renewed collective agreement. Three days were spent in sub-committee meetings to work on improvements to the language of the collective agreement and on removing redundant statements that will make the collective agreement easier to use and understand. Following these dates the full bargaining committees spent two days in negotiations to clarify our respective bargaining proposals and answer questions about their intent.

While there is still some way to go in these negotiations, your BCGEU bargaining committee left the bargaining table feeling that slow progress is being made.

We have set dates for future negotiations this month and September, and will update you as negotiations proceed.

Members are encouraged to ensure that their email address is up to date so that they can be kept up to date while bargaining continues.


Linda Atamanik – Chair
Mike Eso – BCGEU Negotiator
Judy Fox-McGuire – Vice President BCGEU Component 6
Tory Kincross – Bargaining committee member
Lillian Tugwell – Bargaining committee member
Nancy Bell – Bargaining committee member

Download PDF of Bargaining Notice here