Component 1 Corrections & Sheriff Services Benchmark Reviews

We received more work examples and information in late December which we are incorporating into our Corrections submissions and supporting evidence for the Public Service Agency (PSA), to be finalized this month. 

The PSA representatives have been reviewing and studying the extensive union materials sent on behalf of the Deputy Sheriffs. For most factors, they are following up with their Ministry representatives to confirm the facts underlying our arguments.

This is a time-consuming process, but the PSA, working with the Ministry, needs to fully understand and confirm the details of the work in order to understand our arguments. This is critical since our union bears the heavy onus to prove that the changes you see in the jobs warrant a higher classification.

The Joint Technical Working Committee will set meeting dates once the PSA has had sufficient opportunity to work through the union materials. We anticipate this will be a lengthy process that will take a considerable amount of time.

We will keep you updated on further developments.

Dean Purdy BCGEU vice president Component 1 Corrections and Sheriff Services
Jennifer Jordan BCGEU Staff Representative
Barb Crowley BCGEU Staff Representative