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Component 20 Resources

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  • Memorandum of Agreement respecting health and welfare benefits for seasonal auxiliary employees of the Protection Branch, Ministry of Forests and Range
  • Memorandum of Agreement re staffing the Beijing Olympics BC/Canada Pavilion Project

Article 29 Committees

Article 29 Committees are established under the collective agreement between the BCGEU and the BC Public Service Agency.

The committees deal with non-bargaining matters such as workplace issues causing grievances and misunderstandings. The committees make recommendations to the union and employer.

Article 29 Committee List

If you have an issue that you think should be dealt with at the committee please contact the union representative in the Committee List below.

Article 29 Minutes

To view Article 29 minutes relevant to your component, please click on the sector below:

To view Article 29 minutes for all other components and sectors, please click on the link below:

Quick Reference Guide for Stewards

This page is not meant to be comprehensive and should not be considered an alternative to reviewing the collective agreements and your steward manual.


As the area office is usually extremely busy please do some research on your own before you call the area office. The phone is not a replacement for knowing your collective agreements, however there are many times when you do need to speak to someone for advice or answers. As an alternative to calling your area office your local executive may be a resource that you may consider utilizing for information.

Master Agreement

Remember that the agreement is not a “stand alone” document. In some instances there have been precedent-setting arbitration that affect the language in this agreement.

Resolution Procedures

Resolutions are an effective way of making your voice heard either for bargaining or of bringing action to a concernthat you have. When you have an idea to possibly put forward for resolution.

Nuts and Bolts of the Grievance Procedure

Contains information on how to handle a grievance and the timelines involved. Find it here


You should review these tips periodically as a quick refresher.

Component 20 Newsletter

Component 20 Newsletter #1

Important Reports (PDF)

Job Classification & Benchmarks

FLNRO Classification Appeal Project

Resource Documents (PDF):

C20 Work Schedule Form

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Elections Manual

Public Exit Survey

The BCGEU is seeking essential information on why members are leaving or changing public service jobs with the B.C. Government. We believe your responses will help us better serve our membership.