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Component 1 Covid19 Update: New mitigation measures re masks - BCGEU

After weeks of strong advocacy by your union-including component VP, Dean Purdy as well as representatives of OH&S committees, Locals and our reps in the joint Provincial Officer Safety Risk Assessment (Local 104 Chair Brandon Cox, Local 105 Chair Krissie Hayes &BCGEU OH&S Staff Rep Brian Campbell)-we are glad to announce that the Adult Custody Division (ACD) has changed its position regarding the precautionary use of masks in all Provincial Correctional Centres. 

"We have been calling on the Corrections Branch to allow Officers the option to wear masks since the pandemic began in order to protect Officers and prevent the spread of the virus inside our jails" said Purdy.

As in all worksites and on the direction of the PHO you are not required to wear masks when you can maintain social distancing. This has been the direction from the beginning.
For more information on the BCGEU's position on the precautionary use of masks please see:
For more information on the use of masks in the workplace please see the Officer Safety Risk assessment at: