Discussion at Joint Labour Management Meeting for Local 803 Bayshore Home Health - BCGEU

As follow-up to our last Joint Labour Management Meeting, the Union would like members to be aware of the following.

Step 1 – Hours Investigation Forms

Whenever a regular CHW receives fewer than their posted hours (example R-35), they may complete a Step 1 Hours Investigation form. The Employer must investigate to make sure that you received all hours available to you, according to seniority. The Employer has asked that these forms be emailed to Bea Desroches bdesroches@bayshore.ca whenever possible. If you put a Step 1 form in her mailbox at the office. Please follow-up with an email. This will also serve the purpose of evidence of the date it was submitted. Always keep a copy. If the matter is not resolved within 21 days of when you were short hours – contact a steward to file a grievance. 

Unassigned Hours To Regulars

Regular CHWs can register as a casual in order to increase their hours of work up to 40 per week. The Employer is required to call casual hours out in order of seniority. Any time that you believe you are not being offered casual hours that you have a right to, contact a shop steward to help you complete Step 1 of the grievance process. 

If you indicated during the previous Job Fair that you wanted an additional 5 hour increment to increase your hours to R-40 and additional hours have never been offered to you, you can contact a steward to help you complete a Step 1 investigation to determine if those hours should have been offered to you.

If you are a casual that has worked sufficient hours to constitute a regular position (20 hours a week for three consecutive months), contact a steward to request a review of these hours. The Employer is obligated to convert casual hours to regular position if those hours meet the conditions described in Article 15.4 of the Collective Agreement.

In solidarity

Michelle Medeiros

Staff Representative

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