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Election Results for Local 703 Member-at-Large Position - BC General Employees' Union (BCGEU)

Thank you to everyone who submitted their names for the Member-at-Large Position for Local 703. Please see below for the official results of the election:

· Daphne Kowalczyk       31

· Donald Bell                   18

· Michael J. Robinsmith   54

· Robert J. Supeene        19

· Ronald Tuck                  26


Please help me in congratulating Michael J. Robinsmith as your newly elected Member-at-Large.


Should you have any questions regarding your Collective Agreement or should you require the support of a Steward, please contact the BCGEU local area office at [email protected]


In solidarity,


Darryl Wong
Local 703 Chairperson


Katie Smith
Staff Representative

Download PDF of notice here