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FLNRORD Classification Appeals Update - BCGEU

This is to confirm that the Joint Technical Working Committee has been continuing work on these appeals as a priority over other direct government classification appeals, and there have been no delays due to the Covid-19 situation.

At this stage, it is impossible to give timelines. Please be assured that work is continuing, and we will give you updates as soon as we have something further and more detailed to report. We understand you would like to hear the results as quickly as possible. At present, however, we are working on several complex appeals at once due to their interrelated organizational structure, and that has added to the complexity of this group of appeals.

For each appeal, we review and consider the interview information and every work example, as well as other contextual information, the majority provided by appellants. Due to the format of these appeals filed under the FLNRORD Terms of Reference, appellants have been providing significantly more information than is filed in a typical appeal.

We also emphasize that these appeal decisions are final and binding, and thus the JTWC's focus is accuracy and completeness, having thoroughly considered the full scope of work examples provided as part of the appeal, rather than the time taken to complete the analysis. We want to ensure that we properly consider all relevant information for each of the factors.

Note – information for those retiring or leaving their position

As we have previously stated, if you have left or will be leaving the BC Public Service (including retiring), we need your personal contact information to share with the PSA in order to action retroactive pay, should you be eligible at the conclusion of a committee decision. Please keep the BCGEU up to date with your personal (home) email and phone information at

As also previously stated, if you retire or move to another position before your appeal is heard:

  • Consider setting aside work examples that will demonstrate the highest level of complexity of your work. The best work examples will be narrative examples that are detailed, specific, practical and relevant to important aspects of your work under appeal.

  • If you think you will need to refer to examples involving actual emails, reports etc., consider sending these in advance to the JTWC for us to access during the appeal, although we will be asking for specific information once we begin work on your appeal.

Download PDF of notice here