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Forensic Psychiatric Hospital WCB investigation completed for June 13 assault, further input from staff could be required - BCGEU

On June 13, 2017 a BCGEU health care worker was assaulted by a patient that had been in seclusion for the past 3 years.

 A WCB prevention officer has now investigated the incident and has written an order that the employer failed to conduct a proper risk assessment because "previous experience in the workplace" was not properly considered in their risk assessment.

 The inspection report will be posted on the OHS board for at least 7 days and shared with the Joint Occupational Health and Safety committee. Since the delivery of this report, we have learned that there may have been additional factors that exacerbated this incident. We encourage you to review the inspection report and let us know if you have any additional information, questions or concerns.

 Remember, your union encourages workers to refuse any work that is unsafe or puts you at risk. Call the RCMP or relevant law enforcement officers if you witness a breach of the criminal code, including physical and verbal assaults or the utterance of threats.

 For any inquiries contact your staff representative Jackie McGuire at 604-343-1314 ( or for health and safety inquiries contact Wendy Mah at 604-343-1291 (




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