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Fraser Valley Aboriginal (Xyolhemeyhl) Child and Family Services Society (FVACFSS) Nominations of Bargaining Committee (3 positions)

To:    All BCGEU Members at Fraser Valley Aboriginal (Xyolhemeyhl) Child and Family          Services Society (FVACFSS)
Re:    Nominations of Bargaining Committee (3 positions)


In preparation for negotiations, a bargaining committee must be elected to participate in the process  of bargaining your first collective agreement.

The bargaining committee represents all the members in the certification through the detailed process of determining, in conjunction with the assigned staff negotiator, all proposals and counter-proposals made to the employer. Throughout the process of bargaining, the bargaining committee will consult with members to better understand issues and concerns about a great variety of working conditions.

The job in bargaining is to improve the working conditions of everyone in the bargaining unit to the greatest extent possible. When the bargaining committee believes it has reached that point, a  tentative collective agreement has been reached. After that, there will be information meetings about the agreement and you will be able to vote on the agreement.

Each candidate who is nominated, may complete and send back with their nomination form (attached) a biography of 250 words or less, which the Union will distribute to the membership along with the ballots. Please note that the biography must accompany the nomination form and the nomination forms must be signed. Please read and follow the instructions on the nomination form carefully.

In order to be nominated, a member and nominator must complete the nomination form and that form must be returned by 9:00AM on Monday,  December 5, 2016.


In solidarity


Brent Camilleri Coordinator - Negotiations


Download PDF of notice here

Download PDF of nomination form here