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Fraser Health Authority in Burnaby - Not Enough Time to Complete Care Plan - REVISED - BCGEU

Rushing can lead to accidents and errors.

If a CHW finds that there is not sufficient time to safely complete a care plan please take the following steps:

  • Call your LPN Supervisor and inform them that there is not enough time allotted to safely complete the care plan. 
  • Confirm that the LPN Supervisor will send a dated note to the Case Manager. 
  • Follow up with a short email to the LPN Supervisor as a record and keep a copy for your reference.

This needs to be done each time you experience this. Making one report is unlikely to result in a change to the allotted time. 

If the allotted time is not increased following two requests to the LPN Supervisor – this should be brought to the attention of a Union Occupational Health and Safety Representative.

If the client is taken away from you or this is dealt with as a 'refuse' this should be reported to a Shop Steward for further action. 

Occupational Health and Safety Representative for Burnaby Home Health:

  • Florentina Kelly
  • Alternates: Margaret Snow / Surjit Jaswal

Stewards for Burnaby Home Health:

  • Florentina Kelly     • Paz Mazaredo
  • Margaret Snow     • Surjit Jaswal

In solidarity

Nicki Pearson, Staff Representative

Download PDF of notice here