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Grievance Information

Grievance Appeal Committee


Although 4,470 new grievances were filed with the Union since the 1995 Convention, only 148 were referred to one of the appeal procedures within the Union.

There were 57 Provincial Executive Grievance Appeal Hearings. Area Grievance Appeal Committees heard 27 appeals in Areas 01 and 02; 41 appeals in Areas 03 and 04; 18 appeals in Areas 05, 07, 08 and 09; and five appeals in Areas 06, 10, 11 and 12.

The 57 appeals heard by the Provincial Executive Appeal Committee were at 11 separate panels. These were referred from one of the departments at headquarters or from an Area Grievance Appeal Committee decision. Of the 57 appeals, 14 were classification appeals with the remainder being master or component agreement grievances.

The committee recommended that decisions be upheld in 42 cases. Ten appeals required further investigation or information before a decision could be made. One appeal was sent to a Board of Inquiry. One appeal is being held in abeyance pending the outcome of a similar grievance. Three appeals were sent to arbitration.

Grievance Appeal Committee decisions must be based on factual evidence, collective agreement language and jurisprudence. On a number of occasions, however, we simply offered advice and assistance to appellants to enable them to resolve their particular circumstances. There is an emerging trend wherein more classification appeal decisions are being appealed.

The Provincial Executive Grievance Appeal Committee would like to thank the Area Grievance Appeal Committees and staff for their efforts and work well done.

Vice-Presidents who co-chair the Provincial Executive Grievance Appeal Committee are Catherine Glennie and Tom Kozar. Special thanks goes to ex-Vice-President Holly Page, who also co-chaired the committee. The committee members are: Wendi Lawrence, Mohammed Alam, Gary Ralph, Wes Law, Julie Buxton and David Vipond (Secretary).