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Guru Nanak Education Society (Sikh Academy) - Tentative First Collective Agreement has been accepted - BC General Employees' Union (BCGEU)

To: All BCGEU Members at Guru Nanak Education Society (Sikh Academy)
Re: Tentative First Collective Agreement has been accepted

We are very pleased to announce that yesterday's (March 7th) in-person ratification vote for your First Collective Agreement was successful.
The tentative first collective agreement was ratified (accepted) unanimously with a 100% YES vote. Congratulations! It is great to see that you are all so united in your support for what your bargaining committee worked hard to achieve. 
Although the First Collective Agreement is effective immediately upon ratification it will take time to fully implement the changes to your terms and conditions of employment such as the retroactive to September 1, 2022, wage payments and the transition to the improved health and welfare benefit plan. We have already started the process by notifying your employer that the tentative first collective agreement has ratified and will be working with them in terms of implementation.
We will continue to provide updates as we move through this historic first. We will also hold another membership meeting to discuss next steps including steward elections, union training and to answer any questions that any of you may have. Until your stewards have been elected, please feel free to contact your bargaining committee with any questions you might have. 
If you know a BCGEU member who didn't receive this bulletin, please forward it to them. If you are a BCGEU member who didn't receive the bulletin directly, please update your email address with your Union by logging into the Member Portal here.

In closing, we would like to thank each of you for your unwavering support. Without your united show of solidarity and support, this wouldn't have been possible.
In solidarity,
Lorena Henriquez-Zamorano, Bargaining Committee
Jagbir Kaur, Bargaining Committee
Tatiana Zamorano, Bargaining Committee
Andii Stephens, Servicing Representative
Zoe Towle, Spokesperson, Negotiations Staff Representative

Download PDF of notice here