Hard Rock Casino Bargaining Update, Your Union’s Perspective! - BCGEU

On November 29th, your Employer sent out a letter to members at Hard Rock Casino, titled  "Bargaining Update, Employers Perspective". It's a nice long letter, but WOW, is it ever misleading. Let's set the record straight!

When the parties got together on November 20th, the Union did not have scheduling and seniority proposals to present. Why you ask? Because we were waiting for the Employer to respond to our request for Job Descriptions. How can we possibly talk about scheduling when we don't know for sure what your jobs are? What gives Employer? Why the unnecessary delay? It's counterproductive, and frankly, disrespectful!

Finally, your Employer always talks about wanting to get a deal. If that's fact, then start moving in a productive way. Actions speak louder than words! Its time you stepped up to the plate Employer. Hard Rock Casino Is A World Class Casino And Our Members Deserve Better!

Bargaining is scheduled to resume on December 5th. A number of dates have been scheduled, so again, here's hoping we can make some progress with your Employer.

To help ensure you receive a copy of bargaining updates please provide a personal email address to the BCGEU at http://www.bcgeu.ca/update. If we already have an email address on file for you and you wish to edit or update any of your existing contact information, you can use the same form.

In solidarity,

Your Bargaining Committee: Mike Dove, Tony Kashani, Kevin Da Silva, Lorea Pleshka, Brian Middleton, Mark Fletcher, Laura Dimal, Sean Tieu

Chad McQuarrie, Staff Representative - Negotiations
Linsay Buss, Staff Representative – Negotiations

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Download PDF of notice here (Chinese translation)