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Home Support Transfer from Affiliates to Health Authorities (Phase 2) - BCGEU

In late 2019 and early 2020 a significant number of home support employees were transferred from affiliate employers to Fraser (FHA) and Vancouver Coastal (VCHA) health authorities.

This transfer was the subject of an agreement between the parties that secured our members' employment status, seniority, and benefits. Now that all those that were scheduled to transfer to Fraser Health have done so, phase two of the agreement is now being discussed by the parties.

Specifically, a more fulsome integration of transferred employees into Fraser Health. At the time of transfer 'silos' were maintained which allowed for consistency for employees and clients as well as an opportunity to address any outstanding issues such as transferred or merged seniority accruals.

Fraser Health is now in a position to move forward on a number of issues, and as outlined in the transfer agreement, it must be done in consultation with the representative union and the Community Health Bargaining Association (CBA) working group.

This does not apply to VCHA workers as a large group of members have yet to be transferred due to the pandemic. When all members have transferred a similar discussion will take place with VCHA.

No decisions have been made as to the specifics of each home support region/team/area and the parties are currently simply collecting the information needed to have a fulsome discussion. Your elected officers will be part of this discussion and although any change can create uncertainty we want to assure members that your union will be working to ensure any outcomes are based on fairness with a strong emphasis on seniority. In some cases the changes may be minimal.

Each home support team will be reviewed separately to address their specific circumstances. This notice is intended only to ensure you know these discussions will occur throughout FHA and if you have any questions or concerns you should contact your steward or local officers.



Scott De Long (Comp 8 VP)


Download PDF of notice here