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COVID Update: C20 Members: Hours Of Work For Those Working From Home During The COVID-19 Pandemic - BCGEU

These are exceptional and unusual times with the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic. We know this has impacted many of you in different ways and as a union we are responding and assisting our members throughout this in various ways. If you have concerns about your safety or any other work related issue, please contact your Steward or Occupational Health & Safety Committee member(s). If you are unable to reach them, contact your BCGEU area office or the staff representative directly. You may also send an email to [email protected]. In addition, we have a micro site on COVID-19 that provides a lot of information, including relevant links to updates from government and WorkSafeBC. You can access this through
Given the unusual circumstances we are in, we encourage as many of the Component 20 members as possible to be working from home. This has raised concerns with respect to the hours of work of members working from home; whereas, they otherwise may be working in the field. It is recognized that accumulating Earned Time Off (ETO) is not necessary for some members when working from home. 

To address the concern that ETO will accumulate without the ability to use it, we have agreed to a temporary Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on the hours of work that will be in place while this situation is occurring. That MOU includes a provision that Component 20 members can revert to a seven-hour day and 5:2 work schedule (Schedule #1) while they are 100% of the time working from home. For those members who do not accumulate ETO, your agreed-to work schedule remains. In addition, if you are required to work more than your seven scheduled hours, overtime provisions will apply (not ETO). For those members that use MOU#6 or 7.5 provisions for averaging, no changes to schedules are needed.

We wish everyone the best through this time and encourage everyone to keep up to-date on this situation (which you can do through our website) and stay safe.

In solidarity

Rob Davis, Vice President
Environmental, Technical & Operational Component

Frank N. Anderson, Regional Coordinator

Download PDF of notice here.