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How the BC Budget affects you – BCGEU analysis

BC Budget Analysis 2021/22
Moving in the right direction, but at the wrong speed.

On April 20, the BC NDP delivered its first budget and fiscal plan since winning a new majority mandate in the October 2020 general election. More importantly, this was the government's first official budget since the start of the global COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020.
Budget 2021 includes significant funds for emergency relief and ongoing pandemic response measures. While these measures create large deficits, they are critical investments needed to support British Columbians in this difficult time.
It is reassuring to see government continuing to spend what is necessary to fund important programs and services for workers, families, and communities.
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However, apart from making some improvements to commitments that were made in Budget 2020, this budget is unimaginative in areas where real transformation is still needed for working British Columbians. 
It fails to address areas where extreme social, economic, and health-related vulnerabilities have been brought to public light though the ongoing pandemic.
Budget 2021 does offer an array of valuable new social investments and supports and it certainly provides resources in places where there is an urgent need, especially throughout B.C.'s health sector, but there are several missed opportunities in this plan as well.
Our union has carefully reviewed the provincial budget, ministry by ministry, to help understand how the government's choices will affect the work members do and the services our province relies on, as well as identifying areas where new progress has been made and where significantly more improvement is still needed.
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