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Important Bulletin: Advancing Our Mission to Address Recruitment and Retention Crisis for Wildfire Members - BC General Employees' Union (BCGEU)

We wanted to provide you with some significant updates on our ongoing efforts to tackle the recruitment and retention crisis in wildfire crews. Our commitment to resolving these issues remains unwavering and we have taken important steps forward with your help. As the snow is starting to fly in some corners of the province, our campaign to support wildland firefighters is not slowing down and we want to bring you into the loop on what we have been doing on this important file.
In August, we launched an open letter to the forests minister calling for more support for wildland firefighters. We are thrilled to report that we have garnered over 7000 signatures in support of our open letter. Your involvement has been instrumental in this achievement but our journey is far from over. The more support we can gather, the greater the pressure we can exert on the government to take action and rectify the recruitment and retention crisis.
Advocating with decision-makers:
Your union leaders and fellow members have had high level productive meetings with senior decision makers to make the case that the time for solutions to compensation, pensions, and recruitment and retention issues in the wildfire service is now. We have brought your message all the way to the Premier, where we reiterated our dedication to continue to advocate with all of you until we see results. We are leaving no stone unturned in our advocacy efforts, both through the media and in public spaces, until these issues are effectively addressed.
Tell us what you think:
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Your input is critical in helping us understand and address the unique challenges faced by wildland firefighters. Your perspective matters and we urge you to take a few moments to complete the survey to help shape the next phase of the campaign to support firefighters. We want your issues to be reflected in our campaign and we want to hear how you can contribute to building the next phase.
Exciting developments are on the horizon and in the coming weeks, we will be rolling out more updates on the campaign. Your continued support and engagement are essential as we move forward.
How You Can Help:
Fill out the survey – link above! We need to know what’s important to you.
To maintain the momentum, please keep sharing our open letter. Your ongoing efforts to spread the word are invaluable in creating a united front to address these pressing issues. We can't do this without your support and together, we can make a difference.
Personal contact information is crucial – we can’t let you know what’s going on if we can’t get in touch. Ensure your personal contact information is up to date by going to the BCGEU Member Portal and signing in or signing up – click here. Please share this information with any of your colleagues who haven’t received it. 
Thank you for your dedication and support. Together, we are making strides toward resolving the recruitment and retention crisis.