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Joint Bargaining Update #12 – Bargaining Update for BC Housing Management Commission Members - BC General Employees' Union (BCGEU)

We enjoyed meeting and chatting with some of you at the pancake breakfast on Nov 1. We've been meeting 3 days a week since we reconvened, alternating between Adm and Mtc. This pattern will continue until Dec 20. The parties are seeking additional dates in the new year.

We've started spending our lunch (generally noon to 1pm) in the third floor lunchroom on the days that we're bargaining at BC Housing's Home Office. This week we'll be there Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We'd love to see you there.

As we narrow the issues outstanding on non-monetary matters, we remain concerned that your Union's request for information from Aug 9 has not been answered by the Employer. This information is necessary for the Union to understand how benefits are being used, contracting out practices and critical information about whether the Pension Plan has approved the current Long-Term Disability plan. The Employer's continued failure to provide this information will impact our ability to table monetary or conclude some issues already tabled.

Some of you have asked about whether the wage increases are guaranteed. The PSEC Mandate is in place for all public sector employers in BC and can be found here. We expect that this will be the floor of where we land. You'll notice that some of the mandate is negotiable by the parties. While the mandate provides the floor, each bargaining table has arrived at very different applications of the mandate to address different concerns specific to each table. While we can't guarantee anything to you prior to having a tentative agreement, we'll be keeping you informed. Were BC Housing not to agree to the general wage increases in the mandate, they'd be the first public sector employer in BC to do so.

Your Bargaining Team

Mike Kim, Chairperson, Adm 
Lisa Julien, Member, Adm
Lisa Gerstendorfer, Member, Adm 
Jeevn Atwal, Chairperson, Mtc
Geoff Harder, Member, Mtc
Doreen Aquino, Member, Mtc
Brent Camilleri, Staff Representative

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