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Kid's Cottage Day Care Society - Bargaining committee election & survey - BCGEU

Balloting is now completed and the following members have been elected to represent you in bargaining your collective agreement:

  • Kathy Burton
  • Jacquie Peel

Congratulations to the successful candidates and a special thank you to all nominees for agreeing to let their names stand in this important election process.

In the coming weeks, your Bargaining Committee, along with BCGEU Staff Representatives Brittney Buss and Shannon Murray, will begin the process of preparing for negotiations with your Employer. We promise to keep you informed on our progress.

Many thanks for all your support.

In solidarity,

Your Bargaining Committee:

Kathy Burton, Bargaining Committee Member
Jacquie Peel, Bargaining Committee Member
Brittney Buss, Staff Representative
Shannon Murray, Staff Representative

Download PDF of notice here