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LDB payroll adjustments - BC General Employees' Union (BCGEU)

As you may know, the current collective agreement implements wage increases to be paid effective the first pay period after April 1. 
In the LDB, the first pay period after April 1 was April 2 - 15. For the rest of the public service, it was April 9 - 22. The BCGEU recently became aware that LDB members were only paid the increase for the week of April 9 – 15, but not for April 2 - 8. 
The BCGEU raised this issue with the PSA (Public Service Agency) and we have been advised that the LDB will correct this error as follows:
Payroll adjustments will be for a one-week period:
• Year 2022 the adjustment will be for the week April 3 - 9, 2022, and
• Year 2023 the adjustment will be for April 2 – 8, 2023.
These changes mean that members working in the LDB will receive the year 1 and 2 wage increases for an additional week in each of the first two years of the collective agreement. Employees will receive one week for 2022 and one week for 2023 at the applicable general rate increase rates for a total of two weeks.
Example: 4% for 2022 on applicable earnings and 6.75% for 2023 on applicable earnings.
The LDB will be communicating the details of these changes soon.
We will continue to monitor this situation to ensure that all members receive the appropriate increases as required by the collective agreement.
In solidarity, 

Your Public Service Bargaining Committee

Stephanie Smith, President and Committee Chair
Paul Finch, Treasurer
Judy Phipps, Executive Vice President
Dean Purdy, Vice President - Component 1
Kusam Doal, Vice President - Component 5
Judy Fox-McGuire, Vice President - Component 6
Kayla Woodruff, First Vice President - Component 6
Maria Middlemiss, Vice President - Component 12
DJ Pohl, First Vice President - Component 12
Robert Davis, Vice President - Component 20
Michael Eso, Secretary and Lead Negotiator
Lisa Lane, Support Staff