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List of LDB Stewards - BCGEU

Please note below the names of the LDB Warehouse Stewards located at the Delta Warehouse:

DAYS                                    AFTERNOON                         GRAVEYARDS

Tyson McKrae                      Keith Stone                              Nikki Samborsky
Sukhwinder Chib                  Herman Cheema                       Vaughn Andrews
Mitchell Cadlick                    Erica Cardarelli                         Nicolle Fraser
Amandeep Kambo                Carlton Edwards                       Andrew Chretien      
Ronald McCallum                  Harbinder Singh
                                           Orson Choy                                 

VARIED SHIFTS                                                                                                                                     
Tanbir Uppal                                                                     
Sheena Lisberg                                                                 


In solidarity
Keith Stone, Local 503 Chairperson

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