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The BCGEU has divided the province into areas to easily identify where members are and which BCGEU area office they are attached to. We have 12 areas throughout the province and here on the island we have 2 areas. The area that we are in is the union area 02. Our component is 12, which makes us 1202. We provide services to a large geographic area that reaches from Ladysmith to Port Hardy, including Powell River, Port Alberni and the West Coast. Our members are people who work in administrative services in every ministry and some authorities. Our local has close to 500 members, province wide our Component has nearly 10,000 members. We are Administrative Officers, Clerks, Financial Officers, Court Clerks, Policy Analysts and Postal Clerks to name some of our classifications. When you consider the range of job titles we have within classifications, you can see that we are quite diverse

At least twice a year, in the spring and fall, we make formal plans to go out to worksites, meet with members to listen to your issues and raise awareness of our local and union. It is important to us that members have an opportunity to connect directly, talk to us and ask for help or just ask questions. We take these opportunities to find out what our members need, what the issues are and what we can do to help. If you would like a worksite visit, please contact Leslie Schulze and your workplace will be scheduled for a visit. These visits are an excellent opportunity to alert your union to specific problems and concerns that may be unique to your worksite or a trend within a ministry or area.

Each year the Administrative Services Component celebrates our work and achievements. The celebration, Administrative Services Recognition Day is the Wednesday of the last full week of April. At that time 1202 Executive can be seen at different worksites to share in the celebration. We try to go to different sites each year and if you would like us to visit please let us know. If you would like to contact our local chair you can reach Leslie at 1202@bcgeu.ca. If Leslie is not available please call or email one of the other local executive.