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Local 1003 Protrans - Labour Board Hearing Scheduled for January 29th - BC General Employees' Union (BCGEU)

On Monday, January 29th, CUPE 4500's application to expand job action to include SkyTrain and WestCoast Express will be heard. Picket lines will only go up at your worksite if CUPE 4500 is successful in this application.

The Province has appointed special mediator, Vince Ready and the parties will resume work on a deal next week. CUPE 4500 has stated they "will not be escalating to any other actions until the recommendations are received on February 2, 2024."

If picket lines go up at your worksite, Protrans members picketed off the job will be entitled to receive strike pay from the BCGEU. Further details on how to qualify will be provided by picket captains.

While we hope that CUPE 4500 achieves a fair deal soon, we are taking steps now to prepare for the possibility of Protrans members being picketed off the job.

If you encounter a picket line, do not cross! Speak to a Picket Captain and follow their directions. Picket lines hold significant importance and should be respected accordingly. Every BCGEU member is granted the right, as outlined in their collective agreements, to refuse crossing a picket line.

Please direct any questions to your worksite stewards.

Waheed Taiwo

Staff Representative

Download PDF of notice here