Local 1703 Members at Hard Rock Casino - Option to Choose Flex Pool in Next Shift Pick - BCGEU

An agreement has been reached to allow workers to choose the flex pool during shift pick.

The current language in Clause 14.1(e) required workers to pick a fixed bid line if one was available with no option to choose the flex pool.

The new agreement replaces 14.1(e) with the following:

Employees may drop into the flex pool if they have not chosen to pick a fixed bid line and there are enough junior employees under them to fill the remaining fixed bid lines. The Employer can remove the right to drop into the flex pool if a negative financial impact can be demonstrated. 

This change will be in place for the next shift pick. We have asked the Employer for a new shift pick as soon as possible. We have not reached an agreement on a date for the next pick, however, the Employer has agreed to meet in four weeks to revisit this question. 

Before the next shift pick and before choosing the flex pool – be aware that flex pool workers will be subject to an irregular schedule with no fixed days off and no guarantee of work. 

A copy of the collective agreement is available on the Union bulletin board. If you have questions about this, please speak with either Katherine Wiebe or Mark Chun. 

This change is the direct result of union members organizing and working together to make it clear to the Employer that this was important to you. We are pleased that the parties were able to work together to resolve this important issue. 

In solidarity,


Fateh Born 
Staff Representative


Download PDF of notice here