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Local 2001 Executive Update - BCGEU

Further to the close of nominations on April 5, 2019, we are pleased to inform you that Myke Labelle has been acclaimed to one of the two vacant Member-at-Large positions.
We will continue to seek nominations for the Second-Vice Chairperson vacancy, and the remaining vacant Member-at-Large position.
The following members make up the Local 2001 Executive:



  • Chairperson                          Ryan Wiederick
  • First-Vice Chairperson          Dimitri Vaisius
  • Second-Vice Chairperson     Vacant
  • Recorder                               Russell Robertson
  • Members-at-Large                Jun’ichi Jensen
                                                  Dan Taudin-Chabot
                                                  Myke Labelle
                                                  1 vacant

In solidarity
Ryan Wiederick, 2001 Chairperson
Jenny Ewing, BCGEU Staff Representative

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