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Local 2003 Stewards - Local Executive Results - BCGEU

The election process for your Local Executive positions closed on March 3rd, 2018 and the ballot count took place on March 6th, 2018. 

Here are the results for the Local 2003 Election:

Local Chairperson: Jackie Pierre
1st Vice Chair: Colette Fauchon
2nd Vice Chair: Gary Hoffman
Treasurer: Vacant
Recording Secretary: Vacant
Aimee MacDonald
Doug Bramley
Gillian Harrison
Youth Member: Vacant

In accordance to the Provincial Executive Policy Reference Manual, Constitution & Structure, PE Policy D-8, Conducting Local Elections, members have the right to appeal.


32. Members may appeal the election results to their component vice president within 10 days after results are published. If the election under appeal is in the component vice president's local, the appeal should be made to the president who may designate an investigator. Within 10 days of receiving the chair's decision, members may appeal to the provincial executive.

33. Ballots and declaratory envelopes will be kept for 20 days after which time, provided no appeal is in process, the Local Executive may pass a motion to destroy the ballots.

The Union would like to thank everyone for their participation and interest in the Local elections. Your activism is greatly appreciated.

In solidarity

Hilary Andow
BCGEU Staff Representative

Download FYI - 2003 Election Results for Stwds.pdf