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Local 301 - Growing Together Child & Parent Society - Bargaining Committee & Survey - BC General Employees' Union (BCGEU)

Nominations for two (2) bargaining committee members has closed and we have received two nominations.

We are happy to announce your bargaining committee –
Lori Hamilton
and Danielle Unger.

The Bargaining Committee will work with the BCGEU Staff Representative in negotiating your new collective agreement.

The role of the bargaining committee members includes:

  • Attending caucus meetings and developing bargaining proposals.
  • Gathering and distributing information to members at the worksite.
  • Attending collective bargaining sessions with the Employer.
  • Providing feedback and information to the Staff Representative during the bargaining process.
  • Assisting with meetings that may be held related to bargaining.

Next Steps:

We need your help - please fill out the attached bargaining surveyby Monday, September 18th. Once completed please submit a copy to your bargaining committee, Steward or to the send it to the BCGEU Victoria Area Office.

The bargaining committee will be meeting soon to begin preparing for the upcoming collective agreement renewal and will be going through your bargaining surveys to prioritize for this round of bargaining.

We will keep you updated throughout the bargaining process. Email bulletins will be sent to those members who have registered their emails with the Union.

To ensure you receive copies of all bargaining updates in a timely manner, we recommend that you update your existing contact information by going to the BCGEU website at or by notifying your bargaining committee.

In solidarity,
Kathleen Mann, Staff Representative

Download a PDF of this notice

Download a PDF of the bargaining survey