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Local 302 Cherry Doors Ltd - Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Representative - BCGEU

Being aware of health and safety issues at a worksite is an important tool in ensuring a safe work environment for ALL employees. 

As per your collective agreement and WCB requirements, the Agency is required to have an active OH&S Committee. We need 2 volunteers to sit on the committee on behalf of your co workers to bring forth health and safety issues. The BCGEU provides training. OH&S representatives receive 8 hours of annual committee education, to be paid by the Employer, which is legally required under the Workers Compensation Act (Division 4, Section 135) and collective agreements.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the OH&S Committee at Cherry Doors, please contact a steward to have your name forwarded to Lois Higgins, your Local Chairperson, for appointment to the committee.

Alternatively, you could contact Lois at her email address

In solidarity

Jennifer Seper
Staff Representative

Download PDF of notice here