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Local 503 working at LDB - Right to have a steward present - BCGEU

When do I need to contact a steward?

It has come to our attention that some members may be attending meetings, which resulted in a negative outcome, without having a shop steward present.

As per Clause 10.8 of the 18th Main Public Service Agreement, you have the right to have a steward present for any meeting with your supervisor or manager, which you believe may be "the basis of disciplinary action". This includes attendance management meetings where the employer is placing you on a requirement to provide STO2s for absences related to an illness or injury. 

You have the right to know in advance that you might need a steward and to choose your own steward as long as this does not "result in an undue delay". If the manager tells you the meeting is "not disciplinary" but during the course of the meeting you start to feel that it is – you have the right to request that the meeting be stopped and rescheduled so you can get a steward.

However, if the employer insists that the meeting proceed then follow the "work now-grieve later" rule. Contact a steward as soon as you can to file a grievance if you felt forced to sit through a disciplinary meeting without a steward.

If you do not have a steward, please call the Lower Mainland Area Office, and we will assist you. 

Supervisors and managers can direct your work; give you non-disciplinary feedback or instruction without a steward present. However, if you are ever unsure, or feel that you had to sit through a disciplinary meeting without a steward present, please contact your Union.
The Lower Mainland Area Office number is 604-215-1499.

In solidarity,

Brittney Buss, Staff Representative

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