Local 512 Members - Local Executive Vacancies - BCGEU

The following positions on your local executive are currently vacant:

  • First Vice-Chairperson
  • Second Vice-Chairperson
  • Treasurer
  • Recording Secretary
  • Member at Large (4 positions)
  • Member at Large – Young Worker

As per the Elections Manual, in between local elections cycles, vacancies must remain open until filled. That means, if you have an interest in becoming involved in your Local 512 executive, all you need to do is print the attached nomination form and fill out the required information indicating what position you are interested in. You would then submit your nomination form to the Terrace Area office by either delivering it in person, emailing to Area12@bcgeu.ca, mailing it to 4600 Lazelle Avenue Terrace BC V8G 1S5 or faxing it to 250-635-3588/1-800-946-0259. 

Once received, the area office will send out a notice to the membership within the local informing them that a nomination has been received. The nomination then remains open for an additional three days and closes. At that point, a member is acclaimed or an election is called depending on the amount of nominations received for each position.

Becoming a part of your local executive is another opportunity to become more involved with your Union, connect and network with other members and continue to develop the Union in your area and beyond. 

In solidarity,


Christine Peters
Regional coordinator


Download PDF of notice here