Lookout Housing & Health Society- Cyber Attack – Ryuk Ransomware Attack - BCGEU

The Union has become aware that on Friday January 24, 2020 Lookout experienced a Ryuk ransomware cyber-attack that affected their servers. As a result of this attack there is a possibility that Lookout staffs' personal information has been compromised, including banking information. As a precaution, we are suggesting that you monitor your personal accounts and report any unusual activity as soon as possible to your financial institutions. Additionally we ask that you contact a steward at your worksite to address any financial losses suffered as a result of this attack.

For those members who need to attend to urgent banking matters as a result of this attack and are unable to do so outside of work hours please let your employer know and you can arrange to leave the worksite at a mutually agreeable time.

The Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner has been notified by the Employer as well as the New Westminster Police. Lookout is also working with credit monitoring companies and is attempting to get some credit monitoring in place for staff shortly. Please contact Lookout Administration if you require further information on this.

Ryuk, has been identified as the January 2020 malware of the month and is distributed by a group of some professional cyber criminals. Historically, entire cities have been affected including Police and emergency responders, water and electrical grids.

For more information on Ryuk:

In Solidarity,

Nicki Pearson
Staff Representative

Download PDF of notice here