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Maxxam Analytics Election of Bargaining Committee - BCGEU

To: All BCGEU Members at Maxxam Analytics
Re: Election of Bargaining Committee

Further to our call for nominations issued on January 11, 2018, BCGEU has received eight (8) nominations for bargaining committee members. As per your collective agreement, there are three (3) positions available in the bargaining committee, with not more than (1) representative from any one department. 

Accordingly, an election will take place to elect three (3) members to sit on the Bargaining Committee. 
The election will run from February 16 to March 19, 2018.
The members nominated for a bargaining committee position are:

  • Shawn Shirazi - Dept: Organics
  • Laird Story - Dept: Organics
  • Leslie-Anne Stavroff - Dept: Ecotoxicology
  • Marie Bose - Dept: Product Testing Services
  • Kathan Datta - Dept: Food Residue
  • Eduardo Caoili - Dept: Food Residue
  • Bhavesh Patel - Dept: Forensic Equine Drug Testing
  • Ruby Papilla - Dept: Forensic Equine Drug Testing

Each nominated member was given the opportunity to prepare a short biography for your consideration prior to voting. They are attached, and copies will be provided at balloting locations.
Balloting will take place in the worksite (except for Maxxam Victoria members). Balloting box locations will be as follows:

  • Maxxam - 4606 Canada Way location - Ballot box with materials and instructions located in upper lunchroom;
  • Maxxam - 8577 Commerce Court location – Ballot box with materials and instructions in lunchroom;
  • Maxxam – 3456 Gardner Court - Ballot materials and instructions sent to members by mail, with self-addressed envelope to return ballots.
  • Maxxam Victoria - Ballot materials and instructions being sent to members by mail, with self-addressed envelope to return ballots.

Every BCGEU member at Maxxam is entitled to vote in these bargaining committee elections. In order to vote, BCGEU Members must have completed a yellow membership card. No card on file, no vote.

Union records indicate that many members working at Maxxam do not have a completed card on file.
BCGEU membership cards will be provided at your balloting location, as will a list of member who must fill out a card. If your name appears on this list, you must complete a membership card in order for your ballot to be count. Once complete, the membership card can be placed into the ballot box.

Voting instructions:

  1. Check if your name appears on the list and if you need to fill out a membership card. If you do not, skip to #2.
    • If your name appears on the list, complete yellow membership card. Make sure to fill all personal information fields and to sign the card. Place the completed card in the ballot box, and proceed to #2;
  2. Choose your three preferred candidates. Remember that there cannot be any more than one bargaining committee representative from any one department;
  3. Mark your ballot clearly for three candidates of your choice. Any ballot with more than three people selected will be considered to be spoiled and not counted;
  4. Place your ballot inside the small brown coin envelope;
  5. Place the coin envelope in the declaration ballot envelope and seal it;
  6. Fill out the information on the declaration ballot envelope. Make sure to sign the declaration envelope;
  7. Place your declaration ballot envelope in the ballot box. Done!

BCGEU will proceed with a vote count once the election closes. BCGEU members from another worksite will conduct the count.
We begin by confirming that every person who voted is eligible, i.e. is a member of the Union and has completed a membership card. After this step, the coin envelopes will be removed from the declaration envelopes. Only when all coin envelopes have been removed will they be opened and counted. This is to ensure that everyone who voted is entitled to vote, but also to ensure that your vote remains confidential and no one can tell how you voted.
We will update you on election results after March 19, 2018.
Thank you for your participation in this important election.

In solidarity,
Oliver Rohlfs
BCGEU Staff Representative
Cc: Gary Bennett, BCGEU Negotiations
Download PDF of notice here
Download Eduardo Caoili's bio here
Download Kathan Datta's bio here
Download Bhavesh Patel's bio here
Download Shawn Shirazi's bio here
Download Leslie-Anne Stravroff's bio here
Download Laird Story's bio here