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MCFD Working Group Updates - BC General Employees' Union (BCGEU)

As you may be aware, the BCGEU formed a joint working group with the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) in 2014 following a recommendation made from the B.C. Representative for Children and Youth. The working group's purpose is to provide a forum for senior level consultation between the ministry and the BCGEU. 

Given the widespread concerns raised about the ministry by members like you, we asked the ministry to resume meetings of this committee. We are pleased to say MCFD has agreed. Our first meeting was held on May 31.
This meeting addressed staffing levels, and recruitment and retention issues in all frontline jobs.
In preparation for the meeting, the BCGEU research department prepared an analysis of full-time equivalent (FTE) staffing numbers. This analysis, based on ministry data, show a significant decline in all categories (see table below).
In summary, total frontline staffing in the ministry has declined by over eight per cent since peak staffing levels recorded in March 2000, or a total FTE reduction of close to 300 FTEs.

These staffing reductions, combined with significant workload increases, have led to what the BCGEU believes have reached critical levels.  
Our union wants immediate action to address these issues.
We had a very frank and fruitful discussion with ministry representatives. While there are legitimate issues related to recruitment challenges for all employers in the current economy, we believe immediate action is needed by MCFD given their mandate and responsibilities. 
We look forward to the ministry's response as the BCGEU has indicated its readiness to work with MCFD to address these vital issues.
We will update you as events unfold.
In solidarity,

MCFD Joint Working Group Committee members: 
Judy Fox-McGuire, Component 6 Vice-President
Sonja Haigh, Component 12 Rep
Faith Johnston, Component 12 Rep
Maria Middlemiss, Component 12 Vice-President
Mike Eso, BCGEU Director – Region One
Simon Kelly, BCGEU Director, Learning and Research